Family: Labiatae
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Salvia hians Royle ex Benth.
Collector/Expedition: Flora of Nepal Collecting Trip (2008),
Collection number: A126
Collection date: 13th June 2008
Country/Territory: Nepal:Mid-Western:Karnali
Collecting locality: Nepal:Karnali Zone:Humla District:Below Saathapla
Latitude: 29°40'23''N, Longitude: 82°6'26''E
Description: Herb to 35cm. Stem and petiole purplish red towards base. Calyx green with dark purple on the margin and vein. Corolla bluish purple, middle lobe of lower lip bluish white on outer surface and distinct dark purple markings on inner surface.
Barcode: E00392178
Herbarium region: 5E (Nepal)
Number of sheets: 1
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