Family: Orobanchaceae
Boschniakia himalaica Hook.f. & Thomson ex Hook.f.
Collector/Expedition: First Darwin Nepal Fieldwork Training Expedition,
Collection number: 248
Collection date: 23rd May 2004
Country of origin: Nepal
Collecting locality: Nepal:Eastern Development Region:Sagarmatha:Solu Khumbu:Track from Tengboche to Nanche Bazaar; Tengboche to Phunki Tenga
Latitude: 27° 50' 4'' N, Longitude: 86° 44' 55'' E
Habitat: SW-facing slope; Vegetation: Abies spectabilis and Pinus wallichiana forest
Description: Parastic herb on Rhododendron arboreum; up to 15cm; scales dark purplish; corolla hood light purple; filaments white; anthers dark purple; swollen base of stem light brown
Barcode: E00229088
Herbarium region: 5E (Nepal)
Number of sheets: 1