Family: Orobanchaceae
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Orobanche crinita var. occidentalis M.J.Y.Foley
Name Det. qual. Type of det. Det. based on specimen Det. by and when Institution
Orobanche crinita var. occidentalis M.J.Y.FoleyDet.E00053427Foley, M.J.Y. 11th February 1999Lancaster,University of Lancaster (LANC)
Orobanche crinita subsp. occidentalis M.J.Y. FoleyDet.E00053427Foley, M.J.Y. 11th February 1998Lancaster,University of Lancaster (LANC)
Orobanche sanguinea Presl.Det.E00053427Foley, M.J.Y. January 1995
Holotype of Orobanche crinita subsp. occidentalis M.J.Y. Foley
Holotype of Orobanche crinita var. occidentalis M.J.Y.Foley
Collector/Expedition: Foley, Michael James Yates
Collection number: 243
Collection date: 26th April 1993
Country/Territory: Spain:Andalucía
Collecting locality: Spain:Andalucia:Zahara de los Atunes, Cadiz Province
Habitat: In coastal dune meadow
Description: Probably parasitic on Medicago sp. (also Lotus sp.?). Occupied slight depressions in two places in dunes - but quite separate habitat from O. densiflora Salzm. which is abundant here. Whole plant and stigma lobes deep wine red.
Barcode: E00053427
Herbarium region: 1 (Europe excl. Britain and Ireland)
Number of sheets: 1
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