Family: Primulaceae
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Primula prenantha Balf.f. & W.W.Sm.
Name Det. qual. Type of det. Det. based on specimen Det. by and when Institution
Primula brachystoma W.W.Sm.Det.E00024385Unknown,
Primula brachystoma W.W.Sm.Det.E00024386Unknown,
Holotype of Primula brachystoma W.W.Sm.
Collector/Expedition: Farrer, Reginald John
Collection number: 1635
Collection date: 20th June 1920
Country/Territory: Myanmar
Collecting locality: Myanmar:Shing Hong region
Habitat: In the wet precipitous grassy margin of a cascade in the lower alpine regoin, but probably seeded down from a higher station
Description: Fragment only in bud. A few plants only as yet seen. The flower is going to be golden yellow. It is evidently not going to be P. serratifolia.
Barcode: E00024386
Herbarium region: 5C (Myanmar (Burma))
Number of sheets: 1
Associated material:
Photographic specimenE00024385
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