Family: Compositae
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Senecio poeppigii var. poeppigii
Name Det. qual. Type of det. Det. based on specimen Det. by and when Institution
Senecio poeppigii var. poeppigiiDet.E00023399Gardner, M.F. 10th November 2007Edinburgh,Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (E)
Senecio poeppigii var. poeppigiiDet.E00023399Hind, D.J.N. April 1988Edinburgh,Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (E)
Collector/Expedition: Gardner, Martin Fraser & Knees, Sabina Georgina
Collection number: 4242
Collection date: 20th February 1988
Country/Territory: Chile:Araucanía:Cautín
Collecting locality: Chile:Región IX [Araucanía]:Provincia de Cautín:Temuco:Volcán Llaima
Latitude: 38°41'S, Longitude: 71°44'W
Habitat: Alpine vegetation above and below the tree-line, dominant specie - Araucaria araucana and Nothofagus spp.
Description: Leaves glaucous grey, flowers golden yellow
Miscellaneous notes: Seed collected
Barcode: E00023399
Herbarium region: 18 (Temperate South America)
Number of sheets: 1
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