Family: Ericaceae
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Rhododendron aganniphum var. aganniphum
Name Det. qual. Type of det. Det. based on specimen Det. by and when Institution
Rhododendron aganniphum var. aganniphumDet.E00001241Chamberlain, D.F. 1974Edinburgh,Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (E)
Type of Rhododendron doshongense Tagg
Collector/Expedition: Kingdon-Ward, F.
Collection number: 5863
Collection date: 26th June 1924
Country/Territory: China:Xizang
Collecting locality: China:Xizang (Tibet) Autonomous Region:Doshong La
Latitude: 29°30'N, Longitude: 95°E
Habitat: Along the top of ridges in the alpine region
Description: Forms a dense tangled scrub of 2-3 feet high; flowers pink with many small dark purple spots scattered over the upper lobe; buds carmine; indumentum silver perhaps turning brownish yellow or such colour later.
Barcode: E00001241
Herbarium region: 3A (Outer China incl. Tibet)
Number of sheets: 1
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