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"Peraakochung, Tsangpo Gorge. Alt. iOOOO ft. Z\/Xl/9A. A big shrub of 10-15 ft. growing in dense Rhododendron thickets cn very steep cliffs on the sheltered side of tne glen. The leaf-bud-scales are persistent, giving a curious effect. The outer bark sloughs, exposing a smooth ?SH??ag copper-red surface. Though the speciaaaB seen were many years old, as proved by the number of annual growths they bore no fruits. SYNTYPE .....(iftie)................ ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEK EDINBURGH E00129534 ^ ? ? ;-u" li; t & <r y .sUU *' - ? r-:^ ?;% y :>:%?/ i "Advance Base, Seinghku Wang. 28 8 N. 97 E5 E. Alt. 10-11000 ft Flowers over. A small gnarled tree, often with horizontal ascending trunk growing on the steep rocky sheltered slopes which are clothed with tanglewood, without any big trees. The bright red foliage bud scales are now a feature, these bud scales are persistent for several years. ( A very similar species, Ward 6302, was collected in the Tsangpo 'Gorge, November 1924 but no seed was secured). 5/6/26. Ward 6856".,. SYNTYPE Of Rlrt?dbcL^ ypfeslDSC.....\^iBl......(ftic) ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH E00129535 E00129534 E00129535