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? II II II II il ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH E00116413 SYNTYPE Of Wofe6????..... * Type Specimen "Delei Valley, 28N. Alt. 1,1-12000 ft, A stout bush growing on the open ridge and on its flanks in dense thickets of mixed Rhododendron in the lower abies forest. The flowers are practically over, in colour a ruddy brick red, but with some orange in it. The species recalls a large leafed^Barbatum collected in the Tsangpo Gorge, Tibet in 19E4, and another collected in the Seinghku Valley, ^urma in 1926. Neibher of these were in flower and both of them ad larger leaves than an'y specimens of No. 8250 yet seen. Galyx and pedicel red, glabrous. Filaments also glabrous, reddened towards the base, the anthers dark chocolate. Ovary covered with colourless glandular hairs, the style glabrous. 30/5/28. Ward 8250". E00116413